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Take your children to a new level of understanding and respect about Black History.  Teach them about Black History BEFORE Slavery.  

Activities for Teachers and Kids!


Google Black History Month Links

Google Kwanzaa Links

Yahooligans Celebrate Black History Month

Why We Need Black History Month--article from the Ghana Review which explains the importance of Black History Month.

Stamp On Black History Games and Activities

Africans in America  Based on the PBS TV series, this site offers practical guidelines and resources to incorporate Black History into your classroom. Each part of the series contains a historical "Narrative," and a "Resource Bank" full of images, documents, and biographies. As you visit each era of Black History documented on this site, print out images of key events to post on a time line. Want to extend your unit? Visit the online store to view classroom resources.

COLORU: The People of Color School on the Internet  Go to school on the Net! These online courses are self-study tutorials designed for people of color. You will find a variety of grade-specific lessons on African history, including African math, folktales, and biographical studies that let children proceed at their own pace. Invite your students to enroll and take a course during their free time for extra credit or as a Web activity. Interactive features include online discussions and group projects. Teaching opportunities for volunteers are also available.

Academy of Achievement: Rosa Parks
Meet the woman who proved that a single human being can change the world!

African Heritage Animated Electronic Greeting Cards
Find African cards for any occasion including fabulous February greetings for Black History month and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Black History Month from DLTK's Crafts
Create these cool cultural crafts to celebrate freedom and civil rights all over the world.

Brown v Board of Education: The Interactive Experience
Get a background and summary on all involved in this historical case, and listen to many audio files pertaining to the Civil Rights movement.

Education First: Black History Activities
Enter this web guide to find references for almost any Black History subject.

Escape to Freedom
Read an online interactive comic about the Underground Railroad- hosted by Headbone and the History Channel.

Harriet Tubman
Learn about this miraculous woman with Mrs. Taverna's second grade class at Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

History Channel- Celebrate Black History Month
Get short bios on many prominent African- American figures in history.

Kids@Random: Black History Month
Check out these featured reading ideas for Black History Month.

Nelson Mandela Biography
This South African leader held onto his beliefs even through many years of imprisonment, and helped lead his nation to freedom.

Powerful Days in Black and White
Photojournalist Charles Moore documents the black and white of the Civil Rights Movement in the south. Some of these photos may be disturbing, so we recommend parental guidance and discussion.

Selected Poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Hear audio samples of the compelling literary music created by this master of words.

The African American Journey
Follow this culture in their journey from the slave trade to the modern civil rights movement.

The African-American Mosaic Exhibition
Discover the driving forces behind Colonization, Abolition, Migrations, and the WPA through this exhibit offered by the Library of Congress.

The Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History
Explore the "Harlem Renaissance". This literary movement of the 1920's and 1930's brought the creativity of the black community to forefront with music, literature, and dance.

The Internet African American History Challenge
Try this 3 level Black History quiz, and see how well you can read and learn! It's open-book!


An interactive Treasure Hunt
Bring good luck with these easy to make cookies.
Crossword puzzle filled with words to test your knowledge.
Kulture Kidz This site has 'kool' online games, coloring, and other fun stuff. Check the Learning Center for A-Z Black History!

Printable Fill-In-The-Blanks

How much do you know about Black Historians?

George Washington Carver
Martin Luther King Jr.
Jesse Owens
Rosa Parks

Coloring Pages

Printable coloring pages for you of some famous Black Historians.

Rosa Parks
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Jackie Robinson
George Washington Carver
Harriet Tubman
Variety of coloring pages from Entertainers to Politicians to Athletes.


Celebrate Black History month with these E-cards
Black History and Poetry ecards


Encyclopedia of Prominent African-Americans
Harriet Tubman, Her life in words

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